Get Your Own Group Home Website

Don't worry about all the complicated aspects that go into making a website. Let us make it for you, so you can focus on generating leads the easy way. Through the internet - more specifically, through your own, lead-generation Group Home Website


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Tired of Trying to Make Your Own Website?

Are you sick and tired of trying to learn HTML, or CSS? With our website package you don't need to learn anything. We give you a website that is proven to generate leads from disabled vets, MH/MR and other "at risk" and "special needs" populations. How do we know? Because it is literally the same one that we use! The same that we use to generate HUNDREDS of leads like this each and EVERY DAY. 

✓  Get a website set up for you
✓ Stop worrying about what to say or what to put on the site. We take care of that for you
✓  Stop living in the past without a website
✓ 95% of your income-generating leads and people looking for housing are looking online. If you want to run and operate group homes, YOU NEED A WEBSITE!


Why Having A Website Will Change Your Life

 After going through the Group Home Riches Gold Course, you now know everything you need to own and operate a successful Group Home business. 

Now it is up to you to actually execute on what you learned. One of the first steps is getting your own website. Here is the truth though, if you don't have computer science skills, being able to do this is going to take forever and will cost you an arm and a leg.... Now that we got the cold hard truth out of the way, it's time for the good part.

You can have your very own Group Home website set up and bringing you income-generating clients in no time flat. Our website has proven its effectiveness for nearly 15+ years - and each and every month it generates hundreds and hundreds of leads for us. These are leads that fill beds and put COLD HARD CASH into our pockets.  

In order to make sure customers move their cash from their hands to your pockets, you need a website where they can find you!   

Only For Those Who Are Serious!

The website package is only for the most serious group home owners. If you are content being broke, then continue doing what you have been doing and don't get a website. BUT, if you are ready to see your whole life turn around, it is time you start investing in your business. There is no better way to do this than having a group home website. 

Here is what people who are not serious will do. You will spend the next 6 - 12 months attempting and trying to make a website rather than going the proven route. Instead of MAKING MONEY, you are making EXCUSES and losing money!

Does that sound fun? I don't think so. Don't let this website be your obstacle, let it be the reason you succeed. 

Everything You Need!

Refreshing pictures of your group home, Your company company name, your business phone number, business name and everything else you can imagine comes with the site. All the company descriptions and website verbiage is handled by us. It is tried, tested and proven to generate leads that will make you money TODAY.

All you have to do is let us know your company details and sit back and let us bring your dream alive. 

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Everyday you don't start, is another day that you are not building up your community and your income. It is time you stop thinking and start doing. Time to stop talking and start making money.

How Does It Work?

We keep this process super simple for you. Once you buy the Group Home Riches Website Package, you send an email over to us with your contact details. 

Once we confirm The details are correct we start going to work on this on your behalf. Our designers, project managers, computer scientists and engineers, do everything in their power to make sure your website is fresh and ready to make you as much money as possible.

Website Package 
(Value = $1999.99)

Before you can have a group home that just turns out big dollars while you sleep, you need to get an awesome website made. Your website is the digital home for your business, and it is where you are able to start generating leads.

What You Get:

  • Full functioning website
  • Hosting for your website 
  • Website customized to your business needs


You have worked your fingers to the bones all these years but financially you have nothing to show for it. It is time to stop making other people rich and start being the person that benefits from all of the hard work. Victory is a click away!

Your Price = $699

Plus $25/mo for hosting services. 


*All Sales Are FInal Once Purchase Process Is Complete