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Tired of Searching For Information?

We were once in your shoes! Daily battles with Google to try and find comprehensive information that simply was not there. It was discouraging but we have the answer you've been searching for.

✓  Want an easier way to learn how to build a profitable Group Home?
✓ Wish you had more financial security?
✓  Are you tired of researching and not getting the information you need?



 Join fellow Group Home Entrepreneurs on a quest to eliminate trial and error and focus on what really works.

The Group Home Riches Membership Plan will help you discover how to implement a thriving group home business from scratch. No more guessing. We show you how, step-by-step.

The result: You become a hero as you help your community and quickly apply new ideas that keep your business winning.

The team at Group Home Riches will guide you.

How much time have you spent trying to find good material to learn from? I bet you have wasted hours on this and you were prettty relieved to land here. We here it from members all the time. We were once where you were. Frantically searching for correct and consistent information. It is frusteration and why we created Group Home Riches. You should not have to struggle just to try and help your community. 


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What is the Group Home Riches Membership Plan?
The Group Home Riches Membership Plan is an exclusive membership community brought to you by Group Home Riches.

The purpose of the Membership Plan is to help people wanting to serve their community with a group home by discovering new ideas, avoiding trial and error, implement the newest tactics and finding what works best within the Group Home industry.

Our mission is to be your competitive advantage.

Everything You Need!

No other membership or course on the planet provides as much information on Group Homes as Group Home Riches. Just when you think have you a question, you watch another video, or read another book and the answer finds you. That is how things should be! It should be easy to find the answers you're looking for. Whether you need to know your next steps, or you need help knowing wether to rent or buy, we have you covered. 

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Learn How to Start Your Group Home


Here’s what makes the Membership Plan unique:


Get help starting a Group Home Course without leaving your office chair

You’ll discover entrepreneur training sessions that you can dig into immediately

You’ll be able to access experts who operate successful group homes

You’ll join a community of your peers—people who share the same interests as you


We’ll provide new training material to you every month based on the questions you ask. There’s no need to travel because it all happens online.

Your training will equip you with the latest techniques in accepting payments, Customer relationship management, marketing, social media, inspections, business plans, leases, permits, costly mistakes, strategy, team building and more.

Simply said, when you join the Group Home Riches Membership Plan, you’ll be empowered to rapidly implement a profitable Group Home Business.

No more guessing what works. No need to spend time experimenting. No more waiting for a new blog post.

Simply keep discovering great actionable tactics you can immediately put to work. 


Everyday that you don't start, is another day that you are not building up your community and your income. It is time you stop thinking and start doing. Time to stop talking and start working.

Here is Why You Should Join Us


#1: Discover the best and newest ways to deploy and operate a group home: You’ll be shown, step-by-step, how to implement effective marketing techniques—all from the comfort of your home or office.

#2: Reduce your trial and error: Why experiment with your Group Home Business when you can fast-track your time to success? Why put your money on the line when you don’t know what you are doing?  Avoid the mistakes that many have already made before you.

#3: Speed up your results: The training you’ll receive focuses heavily on tactical implementation. We’ll show you precisely how to employ the latest techniques. No more digging around and guessing what to do. You can focus on action. 

 #4: Trust in our proven track record: Group Home Riches has been there and done that when it comes to this industry. We currently operate over multiple group homes through out the United States. Just check out the content we put out, we give away the best collection of group home information on the internet.

What Makes This Different?

You could try and do this on your own, but how much are you willing to risk? There is nothing worse than refusing to use a blueprint right in front of you just to do it on your own and fail. It hurts to lose time and money so be smart!

But here’s what makes the membership unique:

New Content Added: You’ll always be discovering new ideas and unlocking the deep potential inside of you.

Highly tactical implementation: No need to comb through countless articles or spend countless hours on Google.

Quality experience: The quality you’ve come to expect from Group Home Riches will shine through with the Membership.

No costly travel required: Eliminate airfare, hotel, conference registration fees and the need to take time off of work.

Highly economical: We know you’ll agree that joining the membership is an exceptional value. The money that you will make as a result of this decision will make you look like a genius to your peers.

How Does The Membership Work

Studies show that people who further their professional development are more successful, reach their business goals faster, enjoy their work more, build better relationships and earn more money! The Group Home Riches Membership is a professional development resource that will help you get ahead.

Take a look at what’s inside the Membership with this “behind the scenes tour.”

Here is How The Membership Will Help You

On Going Training

You’ll receive new and original training sessions every month.

You’ll participate in highly tactical training, where experts show you—step-by-step—the latest Group Home Business  building techniques.

You will be able to send in questions and have custom content created with answers.

We provide video recordings, PDFs, Word Documents along with downloadable audio files so you can listen on-the-go.


Important Documents

When you join the Membership, you’ll gain exclusive access to our private documents to help you get started—have you thought about inspection documents, check lists, or lease agreements? Most don’t but no worries, we have you covered with all of the documents you will need.


Entrepreneur Activation

Our entrepreneur course will focus on the most important person in this equation, you! To succeed in this business you must grow and change yourself and we have just the resources to make that happen.


Marketing Help

The Group Home Riches Membership was designed with those who hate marketing in mind. That means it’s built to accommodate your busy schedule and give you clear things you can do to make more money. We don’t just cover ten different marketing strategies; we cover 73 of them. You will never run out of ideas.


Step by Step Guidance 

No matter the area of your business, you will have a crystal clear idea of what you need to do. The battle in getting started is in having reliable information that will give you the confidence to move forward. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Hear what a Group Home Riches Gold Member has to say about the program and the change it has created in his life!



You have worked your fingers to the bones all these years but financially you have nothing to show for it. It is time to stop making other people rich and start being the person that benefits from all of the hard work. Victory is a click away!

How to Join

Traditional professional development opportunities—featuring world-class training and that teach you how to operate a successful business can cost thousands of dollars. And that doesn’t include the added costs of travel, meals, hotel accommodations, rental cars and lost work time. Not so with the Group Home Riches Membership.

With the Group Home Riches Membership, you have no costs for events, travel, meals, hotels, cars or lost time! Why? Because it’s all online!

The only expense is your membership, but don’t let that scare you away! Some member organizations can be very costly, but we wanted to make our Membership  plan very affordable to you. We wanted to make this high quality professional development accessible to anyone who strives to change their lives and help their community. 

This Membership Comes Fully Loaded

These products will have you salivating for to get started. We cover everything you can imagine, and everything you can't.

Three Book Package 

(Value = $79.99)

Before you can master anything, you have to know the basics. These books cover just that. The basics of starting a group home. Put it to you like this. These books can easily save you $5,000 in horrible mistakes. You can't afford to not read them. 

Book Titles:

  • 23 Most Common Mistakes
  • The Quick-Start Guide 
  • 73 Ways to Market Your Group Home

How to Start a Group Home

(Value = $999.99)

Our flagship course! You can sit back and watch videos that give you the ins and outs of getting started. It does not matter if you have a sales meeting to pitch your group home, you are trying to set up your accounting, or you need to learn how to manage your contacts, there is a lesson that covers it. 

*The course is only available to members. 

Classes Include:

  • How to Market to Target Audience 
  • How to Manage Vendors
  • Understanding the Opportunity
  • How to Cut Costs
  • How to Set Up Accounting System
  • How to Hire
  • How to Manage Your Team
  • How to Hire Sales Team
  • How to Pitch Your Group Home
  • How to Set Up CRM

73 Ways To Market Your Group Home

(Value = $399.99)

There are over 73 strategies that you can learn about. Stop struggling to fill your beds, know exactly how to get those in your community to know, like and trust your group home. These five videos go into more details than the book. 


Important Documents

(Value = $299) 

These documents are gold because you often don't think about needing them until the last minute. There is no glitz and glamor here, just straight business to ensure you are making money and protecting yourself. 

Douments Included: 

  • Lease Agreement 
  • Checklists
  • Shopping List
  • Inspection Documents



Entrepreneurship Course (Value = $999.99)

Don't forget that starting a group home makes you an entrepreneur. That means that everything from team building to setting the vision is now your job. This video course will prepare you for this and it comes with worksheets to make sure you are writting down your action plan. 

Classes Included:

  • Be Great and Be Free
  • Believe
  • Celebration 
  • Decision 
  • Focus 
  • Limits
  • Mentors and Growth 
  • Be Thankful 
  • Time Management 

Business Plans (Value = $999.99)

If you don't set for a plan, then your plan is to fail! These business plans will help you keep your team on track while also help you to secure funding. They are templates that you can change and adjust to your own personal needs.

*The course is only available to members.

Plans Included:

  • Quick Business Plan
  • Quick Marketing Plan 
  • Full Business Plan



Your Price = $499.99

(Total Value = 3769.99)


Terms and conditions: Your membership fee will not increase as long as you maintain your payments

Annual Plan Sample-It Guarantee: If you purchase the annual plan, you can try the first seven days and still cancel for a full refund if you determine the Society is not for you. Take a few days to dive into the site, watch training or two, and explore the discussion forums. If the Society does not meet your needs, notify us within seven days of your registration, and your credit card will be refunded and we’ll cancel your access.


Common questions answered

What will I receive as a member?

When you join the Membership you’ll have instact access to the courses and documents. 

Can I Cancel?

You can cancel at anytime. We will not renew your plan next year or month if you cancel.


What If I Have a Question?

Yes. All you have to do is email and we will create the approproiate form of content to answer your questions. 



Where is the event located?

At your home or office. Since this is online training, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses. 


How long are the training sessions?

Each of the sessions is around 20 minutes long. 


What if I still have questions?

Send an email here and we’ll get back to you right away.


Disclaimer: Your results may vary. Participating in the Membership doesn’t guarantee success with your Group Home Business'